Catering from Coopers

Did someone say party?


Well, birthdays, anniversaries or just any form of get together where food is required is a cue for Coopers catering to step up to the plate.


You name the budget and the sort of things you'd like to see at your buffet and leave the rest to us.


A buffet isn't a buffet without sandwiches and sausage rolls and everyone loves a drumstick or two or three... All you need to decide is plain or flavoured?


Pork pie, Ascot Pie or Gala?  Gala's the one with the egg in the middle.


Delicious home made black puddings and polonies sliced and served on a tray. Scotch eggs and cocktail sausages add variety to a spread.



If you want to spice things up, samosas, chicken or vegetarian.


We mentioned sandwiches, but you're the boss, so no reason why you can't have finger rolls or cobs. Just tell us what you want and we'll step to it.

Call us on 0121 526 2181

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Who likes Barbecue ?


Silly question. When the sun's got his hat on, we all like to get outside and have a little al fresco fun.  Dad's king of the grill serving up delicious hot,  flame cooked fayre.


Again, you can count on Coopers to provide only the very best BBQ morsels to entertain your guests.


Sausages and burgers, home made of course. Chicken which can be given a flavoured marinade ready for cooking. Just ask what flavours we have when you order.


We make kebabs with the fancy peppers, all you need do is lie convincingly and tell everyone you were up all night preparing them. We won't blab your secret.


We'll cut steaks and chops just right, so you'll have the perfectly tender piece of meat, positively dripping with flavour and don't forget the spare ribs.


The late TV chef Keith Floyd said, the secret of good food is to add heat to good ingredients. Well, you got the heat, we got the ingredients. 


Just add some hungry guests and maybe a bottle of Tizer or two...