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Slow cooked lamb swirls

in minted gravy.

As the old saying goes, n’er cast a clout til May be out, which translates roughly into the fact you shouldn’t discard your winter garb until the end of May as cold weather tends to return unexpectedly.

We’re big fans of lovely stews and slow cooked meals. There’s nothing like coming home to something that’s ready to serve up and satisfy after a long day.

Right now, we’re doing our home made lamb swirls which were just made for the slow cooker.

Trimmed breast of lamb (so it’s not too fatty), stuffed and tied in a swirl, hence the name.

Before you go out in the morning, pop one for each of the family in the slow cooker and pour over some gravy with a little mint sauce stirred in. Leave on low or auto setting for at least 6 hours but even after 8, they’ll be tender yet still form to the fork, rather than overcooked and stringy. A real rib sticker of a dish, take our word for it.

We like them with peas, carrots and mash, but any favourite veg will complement this nourishing and tasty dish. Actually, it’s more than tasty, it’s highly delicious.

Call the shop on 0121 526 2181 to make sure we have them and then warm up that energy saving slow cooker for a memorable treat.

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